Small Business Owners: When You Should Repair Your Roof vs. Replace It

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When you are a small business owner, you understand the importance of appearances when keeping your business or building looking great.

You also understand how important it is that your property is safe and sound.

One of the crucial things to the upkeep of your property is ensuring that your roof is maintained. As a small business owner, having water damage or even structural damage can be disastrous to your livelihood.

If you carry inventory in the building, a leaking roof can significant inventory losses. If you have tenants, you may be liable for costs incurred from water damage, especially if the tenant's property is damaged and insurance is holding you responsible for repairing that damage.

And on a superficial level, even your building's appearance can be compromised, deterring potential customers or tenants.

For these reasons, we can see why many small business owners in the Saugerties area hire a professional roofing company like MM Dynamic to maintain their roofs.

Hiring a professional company with years of experience to provide periodic maintenance for your roof will give you the advantage of knowing that you don't need to replace your roof when you can repair it for a fraction of the cost.

On the other hand, if your roof will require a replacement, you can plan for the expenses with prior warning.

Follow our guide below, where we share a few tips so that you too can know when your roof needs a repair versus a total replacement and why roofing maintenance can prolong your roof's life.

Repair Your Roof vs. Replace Your Roof?

In some situations, a roof that has fallen into disrepair needs some shingles replaced, or if it is a flat roof—spot repaired.


If your roofing system uses asphalt shingles, they should last for many years, and barring catastrophic events, the structure of your roof should last as long as the building is standing.

Replacing shingles is dependent on a few things, however. You should call a professional roofing company to determine the extent of your roof damage. If there is any damage to the decking or underlayment, you will need a more extensive fix. However, when a few shingles have flown off of your roof in a windstorm, a roofing company may suggest replacing the missing shingles. If the damage is substantial, there may be no choice (and it might be less costly) to replace the roof.

When shingle replacement is an option, and you are looking at the aesthetics, keep in mind that your current roof may have faded shingles, and it could be hard to match new ones.

Flat Roof

If your building has a flat roof, your roofing repair professionals will be able to determine how extensive the damage to your roof is.

Flat roofs sometimes trap moisture or water under the membrane if they aren't sealed correctly or if small tears occur due to weather or age. Minor repairs can be fixed by roofing professionals with patches.

If the roofing professionals who have assessed your roof deem the damage too severe for mere patching, it will be more economical to have the roof replaced. You may even choose to replace it with a more efficient or water-resistant product so that you know you will be protecting your investment as best as you can.

When You Need a Roof Replacement

Patching or spot repairing your roof is a good idea when there is a minor roof issue that does not affect your roof structure and has not caused significant damage, such as moisture that has crossed over the roof's decking and made its way into your building.

There are sure signs that indicate that the damage to your roof is more significant and could not be fixed by a patching or shingle replacement.

If you suspect that your roof needs significant repair or replacement, look for shingle granules in your gutters or on the ground. Your shingles also may have started to warp or curl. Both are signs of aging, and it is likely more economical to replace your roof.

Minor Roof Damage - MM Dynamic

A flat roof may have blisters form on the roof's surface, which can be repaired by a professional roofing company.

Another sure sign that you need to replace your roof with a shingled or flat roof is a roof that sags. At this point, you must call a roofing company to replace the roof as it can seriously damage your building.

What Does Roofing Maintenance Do?

A roof on a commercial building can last for a long time, but a roof's lifespan depends mainly on the amount of maintenance and care it gets.

As a small business owner, when you invest as much as you have in your building and roof, you want to guarantee that it lives up to its potential lifespan.

The best way to ensure that this happens is by enlisting a professional roofing company to maintain the roof regularly. Experienced roofers are trained to spot blemishes and areas that could potentially cause roof damage down the road and can repair your roof when it is needed.

With regular maintenance from professional roofers, you can boost your building's curb appeal. When you take care of the rest of your building, a roof that is in poor repair will stick out like a sore thumb.

A well-maintained roof will show your prospective clients, current customers, tenants, or employees that you are a serious business owner and value your company's impression.

From a safety aspect, your tenants or employees will feel safe knowing that you provide a clean and healthy work environment.

Work With a Professional Roofing Company

You have invested time, energy, and money into your business, so it is worth protecting your investment with regularly scheduled checkups from a reliable roofing company.

Hiring a professional roofing company to maintain and identify minor issues in your roof can help you save money in the long run and prolong your roof's lifespan so that when your roof needs replacing, it is on your terms and not the weather's.

Take Away: When you have a roofing company check your roof from time to time, you can rest assured that they will alert you to problems before they become emergencies.

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