Common Reasons Your Roof Needs Repairs

When your roof needs repair, you want to stop the problem before it gets worse.

Especially since most people budget for home repairs and renovations, and an unexpected repair on your roof can really throw your budget out of whack.

What if we told you that preventing unexpected roof repairs was possible?

You may be able to avoid a leak from happening by taking certain, precautionary steps and keep your roof in good condition for longer.

This way you can repair or replace your roof on your terms.

In order to do this, you should educate yourself on the common reasons why roofs need to be repaired.

To help you avoid costly repairs and develop a strong preventative maintenance roofing plan, we’ve put together this list of the most common reasons for roof repair.

The 8 Most Common Reasons for Roof Repair

Leaving a leak to fester can lead to structural damage, damage to the building’s contents, and health-hazardous mold growth.

If you suspect a leaky roof or have evidence that you have one, you should act on it and call a professional roofing company like MM Dynamic to inspect it and give you an idea of what type of repair you need.

Here are some of the most common reasons your roof needs repair and what you can do to prevent it from happening:

1. Clogged Gutters

clogged gutters - MM Dynamic

Uncleared leaves, bird nests, and airborne objects can clog your gutters, causing back-ups and leaks.

Since the purpose of your gutter is to bring water away from the roof, a clogged drain will stop that from happening.

The rain or melting snow will pool and increase your chances of water seepage.

At this point, the water can only spill out onto your lawn, or start to seep into your home. Once a leak is inside a building, it can ruin insulation and wreak havoc on the structure’s integrity.

You can spot a clogged gutter if you notice that water is not draining out of the gutter spout after rainfall. You may also notice that the gutter is sagging, or leaves and natural debris are sticking up from the gutter itself.

Not only is clogged gutter terrible for your roof, but it is also hard on the frame of your house. For example, when the gutter is full, the weight makes it pull away from the fascia, which is not good!

What to do: Perform monthly gutter checks. Look for signs of healthy drainage, or for spots where there may be sagging. If you spot a clog, remove the debris. You can then regularly clean your gutters every spring and fall, so they continue to operate efficiently.

2. Ponding Water on a Flat Roof

Ponding water on Flat roof - MM Dynamic

When water pools on a flat roof, you risk leaks.

Ponding water is water that sits on your roof for over 48 hours after rain or snow melts.

The longer the water stays on your roof, the more your chance of a leak increases.

If a professional roofing company installed your flat roof, it should have a slight slope, but water can still pond even with a slope or pitch. Ponding water can get especially worse if it is wet for a while or the draining system malfunctions.

Ponding will not only cause eventual leaks, but you may also risk the structural integrity of your building. The weight of the water can make the issue worse.

What to do: Perform regular checks of your flat roof. Call a professional roofing company that specializes in flat roofing systems. They might provide minor fixes, like roof leveling for drainage. But, the roofing professionals might suggest a more comprehensive solution, such as changing your protective coating or reworking the roof’s design.

3. Debris

Debris - MM Dynamic

If your home or building has overhanging trees or is located in a windy area, you may have a lot of debris that accumulates on your roof.

Twigs, branches, pine needles, leaves, and other debris that collect can become like a dangerous sponge that holds water.

The weight of this debris collection can cause damage to the roof underneath.

As a result of the damage, you could have water seep into the layers or under the shingles of your roof.

What to do: Ensure that you are removing any debris that gathers on your roof. Along with keeping the gutters clear, cleaning your roof is an excellent way to ensure that your roof functions at its best for longer. Suppose you are unsure about trees surrounding your home or building. In that case, your professional roofing company can assess the situation and let you know if you need to take steps to trim any trees in the vicinity.

4. Damaged Shingles or Roofing Membranes

Roofing materials are made to withstand weather and wear and tear, but they are not always perfect.

Damaged Shingles - MM Dynamic

What to do: In the case of a flat roof, a roofing company should assess the roof to see how much damage has occurred.

Before it gets to this point, though, you can have your roofing company use a waterproof sealant coating on your roof to decrease the chances of membrane damage.

You should inspect your shingled roof regularly. Most shingled roofs can withstand average weather for their expected lifespan.

If you notice some shingles curling or lifting, it is time to call your roofer to check the status of your shingles. You might just need one or two nailed down to protect your roof, and doing so could save you from major repairs in the future.

5. Moisture

Molded Roof - MM Dynamic

Excess moisture can cause damage to both flat and sloped roofs.

When the weather is damp, excess moisture can seep into the roof and cause damage through fungus or mold growth.

It can even damage the structure of your building or home.

Your shingled roof can be plagued by damaging excess moisture, too. If mold or fungus grows, you could even be jeopardizing your health.

What to do: Get your roof inspected regularly. Ensure that your downspout can clear any water away from your roof. You may even need to have your downspout extended to direct water further from the roof.

6. Flashing Issues

The flashing on your roof will expand and contract with weather changes. Expansion and contraction can cause the flashing to pull away from where it meets the edges and corners of your roof.

Eventually, there will be leaks into the roof, and it can damage its structure.

What to do: Have your roof inspected regularly. An experienced roofing company will check your roof to see if the caulking or seals have pulled away and can quickly identify minor repairs before you have a significant disaster or need a new roof altogether.

7. Holes

Roof with holes - MM Dynamic

Roofs are at risk of a leak anywhere that there is a penetration through it.

This includes nail holes for television antennas or satellites, gas lines, plumbing vents, or other flat roof units. You might even have holes from an animal or bird.

Holes of any size allow water to leak into and under the roof, so it is crucial to keep them in check.

What to do: Ask your roofing professional about ways to mitigate damage from holes in your roof. There are options such as installing flashing, field wraps, pipe boots, or rain collars. A professional roofing contractor can also seal holes that do not have a roofing or building elements passing through them. Scheduling a regular roofing inspection will increase the chance of finding holes before they become a problem.

8. Age

Your roof has a maximum lifespan and should remain relatively safe and sound throughout this duration.

Once the life of your roof is nearing or reaches its end, you will likely start to notice the disintegration of the roof and its materials.

At this point, leaving it too long can cause catastrophic damage to your structure and property.

What to do: You should always be conscious of the date when roofing contractors installed your roof. If you are unsure, call a roofing company and ask them to check on its worthiness. You can get a good idea of how much time your roof has left until it needs to be replaced.

Roof Repairs in Hudson Valley, New York

Since we have rainy and snowy weather in New York, it is vital to keep on top of maintenance for the sake of your roof.

Preventing leaks and significant repairs is possible, especially when you are aware of the most common issues that plague roofs.

Your roofing materials will deteriorate over time, and one small leak can turn into a major issue that demands a fix immediately.

However, with the help of regular roof inspections from a professional roofing company, you can prevent roofing issues and get the most out of your roof.

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