7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Have you been noticing areas of your flat roof that are looking aged? Is it looking a little worse for wear? If so, there could be a variety of causes.

Some common examples include storms, wind damage, and impacts. They can all lead to significant long-term costs and repairs. This is why it is so important to check out your roof from time to time. 

It is important to know the warning signs that it is time to replace your commercial roof. This will help you take preventative measures and avoid costly and repeated repairs in the future.

Often, commercial roofs can be repaired and continue to serve your building without much of an issue. However, there are a few signs of a bad roof. If your commercial roof is old, overused, or damaged and you keep repairing it, then it may be time to consider a new one. 

Here are some telltale signs that indicate that it might be time for a new roof:

What are the Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacing?

Your Roof is Aging

The age of your roof is an essential factor when deciding whether or not to go for new roofing. 

The lifespan of each type of roofing material differs, though they all need replacing eventually, some more quickly than others, depending on factors such as material quality and maintenance. 

When your commercial building's roof is older than 20 years, it might not be worth the investment to try and repair the roof.

It might only work for a few more years and need to be replaced anyway. Some flat roof sealing products, such as Prokol MonoSeal can last for the roof's lifespan, but you may start to find that the roof degrades in other ways, and repairs start adding up.

You are Paying High Energy Bills

One of the main benefits of a flat roof is that it saves commercial building owners and property managers energy costs due to their energy efficiency. When quality materials are used in the construction of your roof, it helps to keep the HVAC system working efficiently. The heated or cooled air is kept inside, translating to a significant reduction in energy bills. 

If you feel like your energy bills are too high and can't find why it's probably due to your roof. A flat roof will gradually lose its ability to insulate over time, and replacing the roof means that you can explore more energy-efficient options, such as installing a cool roof.

Your Roof Leaks

If you notice frequent roof leaks, it's imperative that you take action quickly to avoid expensive and damaging consequences. 

Sometimes moisture will seep through invisible cracks in the roof and travel through until it reaches a room below. This can happen when parts of the exterior are worn and need repairs. Hiring a reputable roofing repair company to patch the area may fix the damaged areas so that your roof doesn't leak in the meantime. 

However, if the leaks are consistent or cause structural damage or damage to your property, it is time to have your roof replaced.

You Notice Curling, Buckling, or Blistering Shingles or Membrane

There are some obvious signs of a failing roof in the membrane or shingles. Suppose you see cracks in your flat roof's membrane; it's time for a replacement. If your building has a sloped roof, you may notice the shingles start to curl, buckle or blister. This is a sign that your roof is past the point of repair, and you should contact a commercial roofer to have your roof replaced. 

Depending upon the positioning and exposure of your roof, you may be dealing with long-term sunlight damage or sudden temperature changes—another indication you need a new roof.

You Have Damaged or Missing Shingles or Flashing Around Chimneys, Vents, and Skylights

Shingles and flashing are great for catching water before it damages your building. Both parts play a crucial role in ensuring your facility is as dry as possible for your tenants or employees.

It is vital to have intact shingles and flashing, especially in the Hudson Valley area, where we experience snowfall, ice, and rainy weather. A roof's flashing is crucial to its health. If there's any damage to it, your roof will incur severe moisture damage. You should contact a professional for help with these things. However, it can likely be easily repaired if you seek professional help from a professional roofer early.

There is an Accumulation of Dirt, Debris, Algae, and Moss

Moss spores can be carried by the wind and end up on the roofs of buildings. Unlike most unsightly but benign algae, moss is terrible for your asphalt shingle performance. 

Moss build-up can cause shingles to curl, making it easier for gusts of wind to knock your roofing material off, or worse, create situations where moisture can seep through and cause damage. 

Dirt and debris also increase the risk of water leaks, as the dirt and debris act as a vessel for water to sit on the roof. An overabundance of biological materials on your roof may be the reason for replacement.

You Have Damage From Weather or Accidents

After a rough wind storm or an ice storm, you might find damage to your roof. Severe weather sometimes results in dents, holes, or tears on your flat roof. 

If your roof only has a tiny bit that needs work, you can patch it. However, significant damage from storms can often cause structural damage, and the only choice is a replacement.

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It is important to know the warning signs that it is time to replace your commercial roof. This will help you take preventative measures and avoid costly and repeated repairs in the future.

Here are 7 signs you need to replace your commercial roof:

  1. Your roof is showing clear signs of aging
  2. You are paying high energy bills
  3. Your roof leaks
  4. You notice curling, buckling, or blistering shingles or membrane
  5. You have damaged or missing shingles or flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights
  6. There is an accumulation of dirt, debris, algae, and moss
  7. You have noticeable damage from weather or accidents

Whether you need repairs or have to replace your roof, contact MM Dynamic for the best commercial and residential roofing solutions.

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