What Are the Best Flat Roof Coating and Sealant Products?

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Flat roofs are the most common commercial roofing system, each built to serve a purpose- adhere to the owner’s budget or fit the business’ plan and purpose for the building.

A building’s roofing system, including its sealant or coating, is the most critical determinant in how long the roof lasts.

Of course, flat roofs deteriorate due to various mitigating factors, such as weather conditions, animal damage or bug infestation, and foliage, but a professionally installed and weatherproofed roof will be maintenance-free for longer—saving you money in the long run.

Of course, some sealants are better than others. If you are in the market for repairing or replacing your roof or want to extend the life of your existing roof, read on. We will tell you about various roofing sealants and coatings and how to choose what is right for you.

Understanding the Perks of Your Commercial Flat Roof

Flat roofs have long been the preferred choice for commercial buildings. They are easily accessed and maintained by maintenance workers, and their level surface and austereness make them a welcome addition to a modern commercial building.

Commercial building flat roof systems have many other benefits: they are easier to install, which means lowered costs for the building owner.

They allow for better use of space on the roof and top floor of the building. For these reasons, it is easy to store mechanical equipment on a flat roof.

Maintenance is also less frequent, and roof repair costs are cheaper. You can easily access a flat-roofed building for installation or maintenance people for repair.

A flat roof has better wind resistance, which reduces storm damage, and a building owner or manager can install a green roof on a flat roof without it being destroyed by wind or the elements.

The composition of most commercial flat roofing is different types of membrane materials, such as:

The design of flat roofs allows them to stand up to periods of extreme weather. Harsh conditions notwithstanding, even daily exposure to typical weather like sun, wind, snow, and rain will lead to the eventual degradation of any roof.

When a roof eventually begins to degrade, small penetrative leaks form and trap moisture that could result in expensive repairs due to pooled water and mildew or mold.

In extreme cases, your roof may need to be replaced. A high-quality sealant will mitigate typical repairs or replacements for some time, which is why it is important to be well-informed about the types available on the market.

Things to Consider When it Comes to Roof Coatings and Sealant for Flat Roofing

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People scrutinize the exteriors of commercial properties for color, signage, and landscaping, anything that contributes to curb appeal, and for a good reason.

The design of commercial buildings is carefully planned to encourage patrons to frequent the businesses inside, but it is the roofing system, a sight unseen to patrons, that keeps a building in operation by providing the structural integrity required to keep everything below it well protected.

The term flat roof is a slight misnomer, as flat roofs have a small pitch to drain rainwater or melted snow and ice. Flat roofs are hard-wearing enough to be reliable for years.

As a building owner, you want to keep your roof dry, repair-free, and safe for as long as possible. Various roofing systems and sealants will help maintain your roof’s integrity and keep your building’s occupants clean and secure.

5 Most Popular Types of Roof Sealant Products

Roof Sealant Products
Roof Sealant Products

Roof sealants help to avoid the gaps in roofing systems that lead to moisture and eventual degradation of the roof.

Coating and sealing compounds available for flat roofs range from polyurethane, silicone, butyl, acrylic, polymer liquid, and traditional coal tar.

Polyurethane Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF, is a material that, once sprayed, expands into a foam. Upon expansion, SPF creates a solid layer across an existing roof.

While SPF roofing is not as commonly used now as other materials, it has been used for decades in residential and commercial applications. SPF roofs that are professionally installed and maintained can last for over 50 years.

SPF roofs are excellent insulators and useful in almost any climate. However, climates with high temperatures are less than ideal as the polyurethane coating breaks down at a higher pace when exposed to direct sun and heat.

The cost of replacement for an SPF roof is dependent on the number of layers that exist from installation.


Elastomeric roof coating is a liquid coating applied to the roof in a way that is similar to regular household paint. However, elastomeric coating is so much more.

Elastomeric coating is viewed as a very affordable and effective option for roof repair. It can be used all year long and in any climate because it adapts to hot temperatures. It is also mold and mildew resistant, so your roof does not degrade as quickly as coatings that are not.

Building owners like elastomeric roof coating as an option because it is energy efficient due to its light-reflecting white pigment that helps save on energy costs


A butyl elastomeric roof coating is a liquid sealant applied to a flat roof. Butyl sealant protects your roofing system from the elements and can help extend the life of your roof. Currently, ExxonMobil and Polymer Corporation produce isobutylene.

It was discovered in 1825 and developed into its current use in 1937, and its application has been common since.

Butyl is a synthetic rubber, so it is impermeable to air. It is incredibly flexible and an excellent option to weatherproof your roofing system; it is more durable and weather-resistant than silicone. When dampness is identified, butyl is used in roof repairs and helps to seal. Butyl generally comes with a warranty of 20 years.

Silicone Coating

Silicone coating is a weather-resistant, reflective, and rubber-like membrane that protects roofs from heavy rain and harsh weather conditions.

Silicone coating is one of the most popular roof coatings because it creates a seamless membrane that seals against leaks and repairs well. Silicone is also commonly used in repairs when a roof is in good condition but needs some spot fixes.

Polymer Liquid

A polymer liquid, like MonoSeal by Prokol, will keep your roof waterproof.

Polymer liquid coating is a cold-applied liquid waterproofing membrane that, once cured, forms a seamless, weather-resistant, and durable roof coating. Not only can MonoSeal be applied to new or repaired roofs, but it is also versatile enough to be used in applications to the roofing felt, concrete, brickwork, and cement.

Best Roof Sealants

Best Roof Sealants

Using a suitable sealant or coating on your roof will mean that your roof is protected from the weather, including UV rays. You can repair your roof more affordably by having a professional roofing contractor repair spots with a high-quality sealant coating rather than the whole roof.

Since it is seamless, MonoSeal eliminates commonly weak areas, like joints. It can also be used in conjunction with anti-slip coating and is vapor permeable, chemical, and UV resistant. MonoSeal does not get brittle in low temperatures, so it is suitable for almost all climates and has excellent thermal stability.

MonoSeal has been a preferred sealant coating in the roofing industry for over 35 years. It is a pure polymer liquid waterproof coating developed by the Prokol Coating Group of the Netherlands. It has been designed to be zero-maintenance and is the best option for your commercial flat roof building.

Because it is low to zero maintenance, using MonoSeal means that you can reap the benefit of not having to pay for roof repair or replacement. Once applied, MonoSeal will outlast all other applied roof sealants.

Finding the Best Roof Coating and Sealant Products

Some sealants will re-seal where there are small leaks, while others are guaranteed waterproof and should be long-lasting. You will need to set a budget to decide on a sealant coating while remembering that you may pay more for repairs or even a new roof if you pay less for your coating or sealant.

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