What Roofing Products Have the Best Warranties?

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A new roof is a necessary investment in your home or building, making warranties on products used to fix or repair your roof vital to you.

However, not all warranties are created equally.

Many times, when property owners are mistaken when they hear about the ‘thirty-year wProkol’s productsarranty,’ thinking it signifies a one-size-fits-all warranty that covers the entire roof, the workmanship, and the materials.

In other words, if there is an issue with the roof, a roofing professional will be available to come to your property to fix the problem with no fees attached.

In reality, many property owners confuse a manufacturer’s warranty with a workmanship warranty, which is offered by the roofing contractor hired by the property owner.

The latter warranty assures a solution if there was a problem with the roof installation.

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In contrast, the former warranty is suitable for the materials used, such as nails, shingles, or protective coating, such as Prokol’s line.

Most property owners are inclined to hone in on the warranty’s length and turn a blind eye toward the intricacies of just what the warranty offers.

When you need your roof replaced, either due to age or damage, you will want to explore your roofing contractors’ options and the materials they offer.

Since you will spend your hard-earned money on your new roof, it is practical and important to determine just what you will receive and what guarantees it comes with.

You must fully understand just what you will receive when you have a new roof installed so that you get the most out of your roof and the warranty coverage.

What Type of Roof Warranty Are You Getting?

A lot of roofing warranties protect the manufacturer rather than the property owner.

This means that finding a great warranty on roofing products is imperative.

When you couple an excellent warranty with a fabulous product and skilled roofing professionals, you have hit the jackpot.

If you have been in discussions for a quote from a roofing contractor, you should be clear about the warranty you will be getting and which products.

Be sure to ask the following questions:

If you have already booked your roof replacement, you can still ask for a copy of the roof warranty and ask questions should they arise.

What is a Good Warranty?

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A material-only warranty is typically offered at a lower cost than a full warranty. However, the material-only warranty simply covers untimely decline or manufacturing flaws for the length of the warranty.

Generally, material-only warranties cover the roof membrane and are exclusive of roofing extras such as metal edges, flashings, adhesives, and more.

This means that if there is a problem with those attachments, they will have to be repaired for a fee.

It also means that the warranty would cover only the cost of materials for purchasing a new membrane. There would be no coverage for labor.

However, some manufacturers offer exceptional warranties. Prokol Protective Coating is one of them. Prokol offers a twenty-five-year minimum manufacturer’s warranty.

Prokol offers products made from polyurea, an exceptional technology used as a coating, on linings, and as a joint sealant.

Used in roof repair and replacement, a liquid roofing solution provides a waterproof coating for flat and pitch roofs.

Professional roofing contractors choose Prokol’s products on roofing systems for a variety of reasons.

The coatings provide immediate waterproofing and are applied by hand via squeegee, brush, or trowel.

The liquid roofing system is seamless, and if used correctly, there is no risk of leaking joints.

Not only does Prokol offer an incredible warranty on its products, but the liquid roofing system also has advantages over standard materials used for roofs due to its quick cure and durability.

Polyurea itself can be molded and shaped to fit the project. Polyurea also has other uses,

Prokol Protective Coatings

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While Prokol’s protective coatings do not only offer protection for your roof when you need a replacement or repair.

Prokol’s products are designed in the Netherlands, which lies below sea level. With the threat of floods, waterproofing is necessary due to floods or leaks in low-lying areas. This translates to a superior product that is not harmful to the environment.

Prokol has other great benefits, like:

Your Warranty

Consider the variables when it comes to the warranty on your roofing project.

When you ask your roofing contractor about materials used and are given a copy of the warranty, you cover your interests with knowledge.

You will understand what you have purchased and what responsibilities lie with you to keep your warranty valid.

A typical roof warranty will not protect you from a roof installed improperly, but if you find the right roofing company that stands by its work guarantee and uses quality products, you are on the right track.

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