A commercial business requires a high-quality roof. It isn’t just about protecting yourself. All our services in New York including our commercial roofing options are tailored per state building codes and regulations.



Commercial roof coating can be performed on most traditional roof substrates. Tear-off, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and long facility disruptions are eliminated.


Commercial roof coating provides a reliable corrosion barrier for your roof, protecting it from adverse weather conditions, moisture, and deterioration.


Proprietary formulations enhance key properties of roof repair systems for strength, UV deterioration, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance.


Our commercial roofing services include fixing your roof, as well as any additional services we deem necessary for the replacement to be successful.

If you are wondering whether or not your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can inspect your property.

This way, our team can identify any problems your roof has and inform you of the type of work necessary. Before repairing your roof, you should familiarize yourself with the costs and the length of time it takes. We can discuss this with you prior to beginning any work on your property.
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Affordable Leak Repair

If you are experiencing any of the telltale signs that your commercial roof is in trouble—visible leaks during rainy weather, mold growth inside your building, low spots and material warping on the roof—it's time for commercial roof repair.

Only The Best Products

We partner with only the best commercial roofing manufacturers in the business, and bring you commercial roof patch and other repair options that are guaranteed to stop leaks and fix problems.

Roof Surface Cleaning

Natural debris like tree leaves and twigs—or even trash that has migrated out of nearby dumpsters—can clog your commercial building's gutters. Our roofing pros will help clear downspouts, debris, and more to help prevent leaks and water damage inside your building.


Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients review about commercial & residential roofing work done by MM Dynamic.
I was totally pleased with how Mike and his crew managed my roof renovation project from start to finish. He is very professional yet friendly, communication was absolutely flawless. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade their roof.

- Attila @ ATA Wolf Corp.

Mike and his team are consummate professionals. We have done many large projects together successfully. He’s knowledgable of the latest industry innovations while maintaining a firm grip on the time tested old world techniques that slate and tile roofs demand.

- Maggie O. McBride

MM Dynamic put new roof material on my garage as well as the repair on the roof to the extension of the house. Everything 2 years later still holds great and we have no problems with any leaks.

- Eva


What is the life expectancy of a commercial roof in New york ?
The life expectancy of a commercial roof in New York varies depending on factors like materials used, maintenance, and weather conditions. On average, it ranges from 10 to 40 years. Regular maintenance and timely commercial roof repair, especially for flat roofs common in urban areas, can extend its lifespan and prevent costly replacements.
What are the most common roof repairs in New York?
Common Roof Repairs in New York:

1. Leaky Roof: Patching up leaks caused by damaged shingles or flashing.

2. Missing or Damaged Shingles: Replacing or repairing individual shingles to maintain integrity.

3. Clogged Gutters: Clearing debris to prevent water backup and potential damage.

4. Flashing Damage: Repairing or replacing flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights.

5. Weather Damage: Addressing issues caused by storms, including wind damage and fallen branches.

6. Ponding Water: Resolving drainage issues to prevent water accumulation.

7. Aging Roof: Regular maintenance and inspection to address wear and tear over time.

8. Emergency Roof Repair: Immediate fixes for sudden damages to prevent further structural issues.
How do you repair a damaged roof in New York?
To repair roof damage in New York, first assess the extent of damage. For commercial roof repair, hire a licensed roofing contractor experienced in handling roof damage repair. Obtain necessary permits. Repair damaged shingles, flashing, or membranes as needed. Ensure proper sealing to prevent leaks. Conduct regular maintenance to prevent future damage.
How can I extend the life of my commercial roof in New York?
To extend the life of your commercial roof in New York, regular maintenance is key. Schedule routine inspections with a reputable commercial roofing company to catch any issues early on. Invest in timely commercial roof repair when needed to prevent small problems from escalating.

Additionally, ensure proper drainage to prevent water buildup, and consider applying protective coatings to enhance durability against the city's harsh weather conditions.
How To Find The Right Roof Sealants in New York?
Step 1. Determine Your Needs: Assess your roof type, climate conditions, and specific sealing requirements.

Step 2. Research Products: Look for reputable brands offering RV roof sealants suited to New York's weather patterns.

Step 3. Read Reviews: Check online reviews and forums for insights into users' experiences with various sealants.

Step 4. Consider Durability: Opt for sealants with UV resistance and long-lasting protection against leaks and cracks.

Step 5. Consult Professionals: Seek advice from local roofing experts or RV maintenance professionals for personalized recommendations.
How can I find a reputable commercial roof repair contractor in New York?
To find a reputable commercial roof repair contractor in New York:

Step 1.Research Online: Utilize search engines with keywords like "commercial roof repair" or "commercial roof leak repair" in New York. Check reviews and ratings on platforms like Google or Yelp.

Step 2. Ask for Referrals: Seek recommendations from other businesses or property owners who have recently had roof repairs done. Word-of-mouth referrals can provide valuable insights.

Step 3 . Check Credentials: Ensure the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Look for certifications or affiliations with reputable industry organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Step 4. Request Estimates: Obtain quotes from multiple contractors. Compare pricing, scope of work, and warranties offered. Be wary of unusually low or high estimates.

Step 5. Verify Experience: Choose a contractor with extensive experience in commercial roof repairs specifically. Ask for examples of past projects or client references to gauge their expertise and reliability.

What types of commercial roofs can be repaired in New York?
In New York, commercial roof repair services are available for various types of roofs, including:

1. Flat roofs: Common in commercial buildings, repairable through patching or membrane replacement.

2. Metal roofs: Repairs may involve fixing seams, replacing panels, or addressing corrosion.

3. Asphalt shingle roofs: Repairable with shingle replacement or patching damaged areas.

4. EPDM roofs: Repair methods include patching, seam repair, or membrane replacement.

5. TPO roofs: Repairable through patching, seam repair, or membrane replacement.

For expert assistance, businesses can contact reputable commercial roofing companies specializing in commercial roof repair in New York.
How much does it cost to repair a commercial roof in New York?
The cost to repair a commercial roof in New York varies based on factors like the extent of damage, roof type, and materials needed. On average, it can range from $5,000 to $30,000 or more. For an accurate estimate, contact local commercial roofing companies near you. Commercial roof repair costs in New York are influenced by labor, materials, and the complexity of the job.
What factors affect the cost of commercial roof repairs in New York?
Factors affecting the cost of commercial roof repairs in New York:

1. Roof Type: Different types (flat, pitched, metal, shingle) have varied repair requirements and costs.

2.Extent of Damage: Severity and extent of damage directly influence repair costs.

3. Materials: Quality and type of materials needed for repairs impact overall costs.

4. Accessibility: Ease of access to the roof for repair work affects labor costs.

5. Weather Conditions: Inclement weather may hinder repair progress, potentially increasing costs.

6. Labor Costs: Skilled labor rates in New York City contribute significantly to the overall expense.

In New York, factors like labor costs, materials, and compliance with regulations notably contribute to the cost of commercial roof repairs. Hiring experienced contractors who understand local requirements can help manage expenses effectively.
What safety precautions are taken during commercial roof repairs in New York?
1. Safety Harnesses: Workers are required to wear harnesses to prevent falls from heights during commercial roof repair or replacement.

2. Guardrails: Temporary guardrails are often installed along the perimeter of the roof to provide a physical barrier against falls.

3. Regular Inspections: Before commencing work, thorough inspections of equipment and the work area ensure safety compliance.

4. Training: Workers undergo comprehensive training on handling equipment, identifying hazards, and adhering to safety protocols.

5. Weather Monitoring: Weather conditions are closely monitored to ensure work is conducted safely, especially in New York's unpredictable climate.
Do commercial roof repair contractors in New York use eco-friendly materials?
Yes, many commercial roof repair contractors in New York utilize eco-friendly roofing materials. These materials are increasingly popular due to their sustainability and benefits for the environment. Contractors are embracing options like recycled shingles, cool roofs, and green roofing systems to reduce environmental impact and meet eco-conscious demands.
How can I prevent future roof damage to my commercial building in New York?
Yes, many commercial roof repair contractors in New York offer eco-friendly materials for roof damage services. These materials are increasingly popular due to their sustainability benefits and may be available through various commercial roofing services.
Can commercial roof repairs improve energy efficiency in New York?
Yes, commercial roof repairs can significantly enhance energy efficiency in New York. By addressing leaks, improving insulation, and utilizing energy-efficient roofing materials, such as cool roofs or green roofs, businesses can reduce heat transfer, lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, and decrease utility costs.

Proper maintenance and upgrades in commercial roof repair play a crucial role in optimizing energy efficiency and sustainability for buildings in New York.
Do commercial roof repair contractors in New York offer warranties on their work?
Yes, commercial roof repair contractors in New York typically offer warranties on their work. These warranties vary in duration and coverage depending on the contractor and the specific services rendered.

It's advisable to inquire about warranty details before hiring a contractor for commercial roof services to ensure you understand the extent of coverage provided.


Whether commercial roof installation or residential roof repair, our team at MM Dynamic is ready to take on your next big roofing project. We can help you stay ahead of the rain and water damage using our advanced solutions. 
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